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Reba Art Watercolor Photography

Meet Reba

Reba McConnell, Watercolor, Photographer, Artist

Virginia Beach, Virginia artist Reba McConnell is an artist possessing a personality that one does not forget.

At once imaginative, visual, romantic, sensitive, whimsical and intensely serious about her work, she has created a unique style that portrays and generates in the viewer many different emotions. Reba remains in your mind almost as long as the images she creates...she is a watercolor artist with a persona and body of work that one does not easily forget.

Her work will linger in your mind like the fresh scent of the sea, memory of a loved one or that special time in your life.

Self-taught, Reba is one of those rare, special artists that can take the beauty and emotion of the moment and put it on paper. She pushes the typical watercolor visuals and techniques to the edge and beyond. One experiences a visual journey into the reflections of your life, your love of the water, the creatures of the sea and that special time or subject experienced and felt as only you can feel it and only Reba can interpret it.

Her style is not abstract and not is just the perfect mix of form, color, texture and visual interpretation that brings out the best of your memories, emotions and thoughts of special times.

Watercolor Crab

When you view her gallery you will meet surfers, mermaids, frogs, crabs, beach goers and birds all of whom you will want to make your friend. You will see sailboats on the ocean or Chesapeake Bay...close your eyes and you can feel the soft summer wind caressing the sails as you lay back and enjoy a faraway journey relaxing on the deck.

One cannot help but ask themselves, “How does Reba know what I am thinking, how does she know what I love?” Well, Reba does know and has already put it on paper or can create a new painting or photograph of that memory or very special visual lingering in your mind.

Reba McConnell...bringing the sea, the creatures of the sea and your imagination to your life.

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