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Reba Art Watercolor Photography

Few have been able to capture the moods and emotions of the sea and put it on paper as a memory to the mind. Internationally known artist Reba McConnell is one of the few. Her water color images capture everything we love about the shore, the seascape and a myriad of other subjects . As you explore these pages, we know you will see your memory ,real or imagined, of a favorite visit to the shore, to your home or of a loved one before your eyes. Her style will capture your memory, spin it and then enhance the beauty and whimsy of a time you never want to forget or wish you had experienced.

The sea has always brought forth an extraordinary range of emotions from those standing on its sandy shores. Mystery, adventure, romance, fun and pure whimsy are experienced by the many fortunate enough to view the colors, sights and sounds of this living and constantly moving vision of beauty.

Reba McConnell. . . bringing the sea, the creatures of the sea and your imagination to your life.